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Storyline[edit | edit source]

After countless hours, we reached the target galaxy-Terrafirma B. What wakes me up is not the call of my teammates. It was a harsh alarm. I looked aside, a glass was inserted in the chest of my teammate, and I heard him say in a mosquito-like voice: "Come on, this ship is about to crash. I have the key to the escape bin and the company's technology guide . I hope you can live well. " Then he closed his eyes forever, and I laid his body flat on the ground and took his key and guide. Sit on the escape cabin and come to this unknown world. This is my story. --- Alexander Steve II

What is Terra Firma Rescue?[edit | edit source]

Have you imagined the coexistence of GregTech and Terra Firma Craft? This is not a dream anymore.

In case! GregTech 6 cannot overturn your worldview!

In case! Terra Firma Craft cannot satisfy your technological development!

Then! TFR is best for you!

That's right! This modpack includes GregTech6U, Terra Firma Craft, AdvancedRocketry, Railcraft, DraconicEvolution, Applied Energistics, OpenBlocks, Forestry and other 53+ Mods, as well as 600+ quests awaiting for you to complete!

Of course! This modpack also includes Original Mods and Tweaked Mods made for this modpack!

Let this modpack take you once again to the limit of the 1.7.10 Mod Complexity, intoxicated by it for at least half a year!

What does this pack have to offer?[edit | edit source]

  • Game Process

Level 0 Stone Age-Ceramic Age-Bronze Age- TFC, GT, Backpack

Level 1 Gray Iron Age-Steel Age-Blue Steel Age- TFC, Expansions of TFC, Railway, G, Chisel

Level 2 The Steam Age- GT, Expansions of TFC

Level 3 Redstone Age- Railcraft, Advanced Rocketry, Forestry

Level 4 Electricity Age- GT, Applied Energistics 2, Gendustry

Level 5 Semiconductor Industry- GT, MoegAddon, Advanced Rocketry (First-Space Age)

Level 6 The Age of Physics- GT, MoegAddon, Advanced Rocketry (Post-Space Age), Draconic Evolution, Avaritia

  • Technology

Abandon your prejudice against technology-it's not just the electronics around us. We use MTUtils and TFCTweaker to base the recipes of most modules on the development of TFC and GT. You have to start with a primitive man from the Paleolithic age, make stoneware, fire ceramics, and smelt bronze. You have metal tools! The next step is to smelt those different iron ores. Steam age-liberation of hands; Redstone age-modern dawn; Electricity age-automation; semiconductor age-electronic equipment (no kidding, you can make a PC here); space age-star sea; physics age-do what God should do!

  • Exploration

Your game is not limited to the world of TFC, but also a the satellites orbiting the giant blue gas giant planet above the dome. Some of them have a blue atmosphere and endless methane ice sheets, and some have barren and rocky crusts. Build a space station, conquer these planets, and collect inexhaustible methane and helium-3 to use as your energy! Later in the game, you can also travel to other galaxies in a short period of time to build your colony. The ultimate goal-to return to earth!

  • Survival

Abandoning the game burden brought by various small mods combinations, the modpack uses TFC and its various expansions to present a highly integrated realistic survival experience. In the first days, you are faced with a completely strange world-here trees can not be empty-hand harvested, stone tools need to be made, and the darkness of night is really frightening-go to the wood for fire! The health of monsters and you has been raised to the order of 1000, which has refined the combat experience. Not only do you need to eat, but you also need to drink water, otherwise you will be exhausted. Once facing the problem of nutritional imbalance, your blood volume will gradually decline, so your farm and ranch must support your industrial development. Isn't it exactly the same as the real world?

  • Quests

This modpack contains more than 600 quests, over 20,000 words of introduction, these quests will guide you to easily pass this technology tree based on TFC and GT. These tasks will tell you the step-by-step development process. With it, you don’t have to frequently check NEI, because you only need to click on the items in the task book, the recipes displayed by NEI will automatically pop up, and you don’t have to frequently look for tutorials.
The customized reward bag system and the Intergalatica Credit Point System provide you with an interesting and exciting experience, allowing you to trade items with various NPCs in the game, so that redundant products in your factory are no longer discarded.

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Wiki[edit | edit source]

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