TWR Quest-Adventures under the ice

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Winter swimming guidelines


Survive in the Snow



  • √ I've understood, and will be careful before get in the water.
  • Copper Gravel


  • 4x Seaweed Soup


Although most rivers are frozen, but there is still a wealth of resources hidden beneath the ice.

You can find large amounts of clay, gravel, and Copper gravel.

However, getting into the water in this cold weather is a hassle.

To avoid fatal hypothermia from getting wet, follow these tips before entering the water:

1. Set a campfire on the shore.

2. Please remove all clothing before entering the water.

3. Get in the water as soon as possible, complete the mission, and pay attention to your oxygen bar.

4. Once back on the ground, immediately warm yourself by campfire until the dampness is lifted.

5. Put on clothes and keep warm.

In the future, a heated vest or kelp lining could help you dive without losing heat.