TWR Quest-Sauna Time!

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Sauna Therapy


A Day of Generator Engineer



  • Sauna Vent


  • Sugar Cane


Sauna is the best choice to regenerate inspiration and gain beneficial buffs.

Sauna is a multiblock structure:

The Floor consists of Sauna Vent and wooden planks. All planks must be within 5-block distance from the vent. No shape restriction.

The Wall consists of wooden planks and must be built on the peripheral of The Floor. The height must be 3 (not including the floor but including the ceiling).

The Ceiling consists of wooden planks. The height is at the third block of the wall. It must cover up the entire opening above.

There can be doors or trapdoors on the Wall and Ceiling, but the entire structure must be completely closed.

One sauna therapy takes around 50 seconds. You will gain large amount of inspiration reward immediately and “Sauna Therapy” effect for the entire day, continously regenerating inspiration.

If possessing the “Sauna Therapy” effect, you cannot gain this effect again or any additional inspiration.

Place medicine on the Sauna Vent to gain beneficial buffs.

The sauna time needed to gain the buff and the buff itself both depend on the medicine. You may view it in JEI.

Medicine Therapy is not in conflict with the “Sauna Therapy” effect mentioned above, but gaining medical effect needs longer time.

You must completely undress yourself before entering the Sauna, otherwise you won't get any effects.

Connect the Sauna Vent to a heat network powered by the Generator to make it work.