TWR Quest-Additional reading: Dietary Guidelines for Passengers

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Bread is the staff of life


Survive in the Snow



  • √ Additional reading: Dietary Guidelines for Passengers


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People who living in space need adequate nutrition.

Keeping a balanced diet can improve one's combat effectiveness.

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables can lead to scurvy, which makes it very difficult for wounds to heal.

Inadequate protein intake can lead to severe anemia, leading to general weakness.

Adequate intake of vegetable oils, also known as unsaturated fatty acids, which needed to maintain and improve human's thinking function.

A proper intake of grains is essential, which can give you a feeling of fullness.

Avoid taking too much vitamin D, which can lead to vitamin D poisoning and mild anemia and bone pain.

Avoid eating too much sugar, which can lead to diabetes, make it harder for wounds to heal naturally, and make people feel unusually hungry.